The Next Big… Gig!

Styczeń 29th, 2017

Corporate drone? Keyboard jockey? Workaholic? These spiteful names are no longer relevant to the modern professional, as the workplace itself is going virtual, losing not just keyboards or old workplace ethos, but also… actual employees. That’s right: the new breed of corporate worker may never have to set foot at their employer’s headquarters or sign a full-time contract. Are you ready to follow suit?

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Disclose it! The dos and don’ts of an NDA

Listopad 10th, 2016

So here you are: new job, new office, new colleagues. Everything is great! You are so happy, in fact, you wish to share the news with the whole wide world, preferably in a snappy, interactive form online. Ooops! A mere day later and you find yourself back on the job market. Why? The HR keeps insisting that you divulged major company secrets in telling your auntie and select few followers about your new gig. You think it’s stupid and an obvious overreaction. So who’s right?

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Pokémon GO: Nothing to Poke Fun At

Sierpień 15th, 2016

Earlier in August, the mobile AR (augmented reality) game Pokémon Go passed the 100 million downloads threshold. The game that induced a veritable global craze was developed by a relatively unknown company Niantic in conjunction with Nintendo. And in just a few short weeks it has all but obliterated the previous mobile game records held by Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale respectively. So what’s all this fuss about?

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The How and Why of UX

Lipiec 24th, 2016

UX? How do you even pronounce it – „acks”? „yoo ex”? Seems a little outlandish, but could not be more ingrained in our daily lives. From a busy website you operate with a swipe of a thumb to a banking system that lets you transfer funds with a single click, UX, it seems, is not just here to stay, but may actually dominate the future of how we interact with our apps, services and websites. Let’s dive in!

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Five Steps Away From a Promotion?

Czerwiec 14th, 2016

Promotion? Older, dog-eat-dog style corporate culture teach you to be ruthless. Always look out for number 1 and you won’t do wrong, they say. Other, a little more mellow corporate gurus would have you network. You’d have to rub shoulders with as many influential people as you can. Do favours or help them in some way, and the next free C-suite seat is yours… Or is it?

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