Foresight is 2020 for Bitcoin

Grudzień 10th, 2017

Bitcoin is on everyone’s mind these days. The digital currency seems to have shattered record after record, but some investors are still uncertain whether the „B” is here to stay. If it’s not, perhaps investing in this virtual piece of code is a waste of quite real money. But if it is, should you invest now or perhaps hold off, adopting a „wait-and-see” approach? According to the experts, you need to be careful not to overplay your hand. In just 3 years Bitcoin may not be as easy to find anymore…

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The Pitch-perfect Pitch?

Listopad 5th, 2017

How do you convince a multi-millionaire to give you their money on a whim, just after hearing you talk for a minute? Why, you need the pitch-perfect pitch! One of the leading gurus on the topic, Oren Klaff will tell you to prey on your audience’s baser instincts, „get to know your inner crocodile”. It’s enough, apparently, to make yourself a prize, create time pressure of the offering and make the investor chase you, not the other way round. Sounds interesting, but perhaps a little too vague? Worry not, we’ll help you right out…


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Start-ups – from Odd to Bold: YumCha and Nomiku

Październik 28th, 2017

It’s almost All Hallow’s Eve, but we are not going to be spooky-scary! Bucking the trend, we are instead going to dig into the wonderfully weird start-ups once more… This time from the food and drink industry!


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Weirdest start-ups: CROWded Cities

Październik 9th, 2017

Whoever told you animals are not intelligent enough to help out humans will have to eat crow now, as one Dutch start-up has promised to clean up cities in a rather innovative way…

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The Wondrous World of the Weird: Crazy Business that Works

Sierpień 27th, 2017

The world, it seems, is getting crazier and crazier each week, and some are not even sure if it’s round any more. But even though there may be an oddity or two in the news out there, for some truly bizarre ideas and notions look no further than the world of business. Whether you seek inspiration for a start-up of your own or a possible investment avenue, there are some really out-of-the-box (or out-of-this-world) enterprises out there. You never know which strange idea may become a billion-dollar franchise

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