The Five Odd Effects of the Pandemic

luty 20th, 2021

The pandemic is still raging, but we have vaccines now, and people around the globe are really getting their act together to help fight the spread of the outbreak. Here’s to hoping the nightmare will soon end! In the meantime, though, how about we acknowledge just how strange our lives have become in the wake of Covid-19… In fact, there are some consequences of the rampaging virus – and our subsequent actions to contain it – that would be truly hard to predict. Let’s dive in to see some of the weirder examples…

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Beware of CEO Fraud!

styczeń 30th, 2021

Aaaand we’re back! Sorry for this absence, folks. Let’s make sure we don’t really skip a beat after a long break – here’s another peculiar Monday business term!

Ever heard of CEO fraud? No? We don’t blame you. It’s a little known but quite serious cyberattack on business. In fact, in some quarters it is referred to as Business Email Compromise, BEC. Przeczytaj resztę tego wpisu »

5 Common Signs of Professional Burnout

grudzień 16th, 2020

Sooo another Monday’s come and gone, and we’ve not posted any interesting titbit for you. But apparently, losing track of one’s work goals can actually be a symptom of something rather disturbing: burnout. Colour me intrigued, for I thought I was simply forgetting to keep up the schedule. Or maybe I am also heading for burnout? Let’s check the five most common signs and see if that’s what’s going on here.

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Business Term: Low-Hanging Fruit

grudzień 1st, 2020

What’s this? Monday’s come and gone and yet there’s no post? We’ll fix that right up. Check out our newest Monday (well… Tuesday, really!) business term: “Low-Hanging Fruit.”

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On This Day in Business History…

listopad 23rd, 2020

Today in business history! Yes, apparently we need to stoop so low as to present you with assorted trivia. However, these ones are genuinely interesting, we promise! Read on…


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