Balancing on the Brink: Brexit

Maj 14th, 2016

In just a month, on June 23rd, the UK citizens will vote for or against the decision to leave the EU for good. A possible „Brexit” will sever the decades’ long connection that some see a tight leash, and others a lifeline to prosperity. Any decision will potentially have multifarious, long-ranging effects for the economy. While some say this will be ultimately good for Britain, others warn of impending doom. Who is right, then?

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Top Seven Most Annoying Office Clichés

Kwiecień 12th, 2016

There’s a lot than can irk someone sat at the mind-numbingly boring office job for eight unending hours day after monotonous day. Whether it’s lack of toner in the office printer, a sandwich guy not coming to the office or a co-worker flooding your inbox with unfunny memes, every office has its fair share of annoyances and bothers. But what about those that aren’t often cited as the worst offenders – things people actually say in the office? Well, read on and find out, but beware: contents may be somewhat aggravating!

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To Localize or not to Localize, That Is the Question…

Marzec 9th, 2016

It’s no secret that to be successful globally, your product has to speak English, and speak it well. Whether it’s a humble piece of software, an app, a book, movie or a game – you have to make sure it reaches the global audience. But reaching the global consumer nowadays is no longer a guarantee that the product will be accepted and embraced, just that it will be understood. The global village speaks many tongues, and surprisingly, their importance has never been greater or more obvious than in the predominantly English-speaking Internet age. Enter localization; the solution to connecting global consumer to a local product. But what places – or, rather, cultures – should you attempt to reach in the first place? Read on to find out…

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Netflix: Still Chill in 2016?

Luty 3rd, 2016

No other online media brand has been as successful as Netflix in 2015, as both subscribers and investors were very upbeat about the company’s business. Netflix has offered a slew of acclaimed offerings licensed from traditional TV networks as well as remarkable original programming that resonated very well with the critics and audiences. The stock price for the NFLX ticker symbol has ballooned to almost twice its original level within a span of just few months. But will the streaming TV’s top network grow as spectacularly in 2016?

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2016: The Year of Uberification?

Styczeń 3rd, 2016

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 already, and we’re already in the future – not the glorious Space Odyssey or Back to the Future future, but still, some approximation thereof. One of the signs 2016 is going be a very futuristic year, is the ongoing process of ‚uberification’ sweeping the business world. Read on to find out all about it!

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