Corporate Acronyms From ASAP to WFH

Czerwiec 7th, 2017

Many people fresh out of college are scared of the corporate world when first starting out in the job market. They mostly fear the new surroundings, that the work may be too hard, or perhaps they might not be cut out for the 9-to-5 slog. But what daunts some of them most is the corporate lingo. Especially the inscrutable, unintelligible acronyms that have invaded the corporate domain at every level. There is a three-letter word for everything, but don’t be scared. Our handy little list will help you out ASAP! Read on…

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Equality and Gender Gap – 2017 edition

Kwiecień 17th, 2017

2017 has not been a good year so far. Starting with Trump’s anti-climate change decisions and all the way through latest slew of terrorist attacks, things do not seem to be looking up. But not universally! Science is experiencing a minor boom, we’re a little more optimistic about the future, and Elon Musk has proved that we can recycle rockets. Amid all of the news hubbub related to space and science issues, it’s sometimes hard to notice if any progress is being made on the social or business front, especially on issues related to the fairer sex. Let’s dive in real quick…

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Working for the Evil Empire: Yay or Nay?

Kwiecień 9th, 2017

Have you ever picked up the phone and heard the beautiful words: „You got the job! You start on Monday!”? Chances are, you have, and you were overjoyed! But what if people on the other end of the call belong to the Super Evil corporation, someone you just despise with all your heart? Or that job they offer is just… Meh? Is it time to break out the yellow legal pad of pros and cons, or is it better to go with the flow and see where it gets you?


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The Next Big… Gig!

Styczeń 29th, 2017

Corporate drone? Keyboard jockey? Workaholic? These spiteful names are no longer relevant to the modern professional, as the workplace itself is going virtual, losing not just keyboards or old workplace ethos, but also… actual employees. That’s right: the new breed of corporate worker may never have to set foot at their employer’s headquarters or sign a full-time contract. Are you ready to follow suit?

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Disclose it! The dos and don’ts of an NDA

Listopad 10th, 2016

So here you are: new job, new office, new colleagues. Everything is great! You are so happy, in fact, you wish to share the news with the whole wide world, preferably in a snappy, interactive form online. Ooops! A mere day later and you find yourself back on the job market. Why? The HR keeps insisting that you divulged major company secrets in telling your auntie and select few followers about your new gig. You think it’s stupid and an obvious overreaction. So who’s right?

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