Netflix: Still Chill in 2016?

Luty 3rd, 2016

No other online media brand has been as successful as Netflix in 2015, as both subscribers and investors were very upbeat about the company’s business. Netflix has offered a slew of acclaimed offerings licensed from traditional TV networks as well as remarkable original programming that resonated very well with the critics and audiences. The stock price for the NFLX ticker symbol has ballooned to almost twice its original level within a span of just few months. But will the streaming TV’s top network grow as spectacularly in 2016?

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2016: The Year of Uberification?

Styczeń 3rd, 2016

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 already, and we’re already in the future – not the glorious Space Odyssey or Back to the Future future, but still, some approximation thereof. One of the signs 2016 is going be a very futuristic year, is the ongoing process of ‚uberification’ sweeping the business world. Read on to find out all about it!

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The Deadliest and Unhealthiest Jobs of 2015

Grudzień 1st, 2015

So get this: apparently, working at some jobs may not be very healthy for you! Gasp! Who knew?! Well, the Internet, of course. And you, as soon as you check out which jobs are to die for these days, and which are merely (literally!) sick…

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Diesel-powered Lies: Volkswagen’s Blunders, Industry’s Gains

Listopad 21st, 2015

Almost 60 000 Porsches were recalled a few weeks ago over a possible design flaw that would lead to fuel leaks. The news come hot on the heels of a string of scandals involving Porsche’s carmaker, German-based Volkswagen, who up till recently were touted as the worlds no.1 manufacturer of automobiles. Another car giant, Toyota, had faced some serious legal troubles a while back over a faulty accelerator system, while General Motors had been in hot water earlier over ignition lock-out problems. Every major car firm had seen its fair share of headline-making mishaps. Is this one any different, though? Will the industry benefit from one carmaker’s mistakes?

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Seven Signs You’re About to Be Fired and Seven Ways to Deal with It

Wrzesień 30th, 2015

Have you ever been fired? Have you ever been suddenly forced to look for a new job? Whatever your answer, you’ll need to learn of the early warning signs to avoid getting the axe, as well as several strategies that will help you to cope with job loss and to find a new occupation afterwards. Read on!

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