Październik 12th, 2020

Monday Business Term: Pump and Dump


We’re back! It was getting rather dull and empty here, so let’s shake things up a little. For starters, from now on we’re going to start the week with some nuggets of business wisdom. But since we’re not business gurus, we can only guide you in the direction of some interesting business terms that you may not be familiar with (yet!). This week’s phrase is…

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Cloud Use Spikes During the Pandemic: MS Teams Wins

Kwiecień 26th, 2020

It used to be easy to poke fun at Microsoft back in the day. Here they were: a giant corporation that sometimes came up with not entirely successful software (from Windows Millennium to Windows 8) and very odd hardware choices (from Windows Phone to taking over Nokia), hailing those as the next digital revolution. People were often confused by the way these new things worked – or, quite often, did not. So for years the offices ran on Microsoft Office, because what else was there? Topics regarding inefficiencies of MS systems were as easy conversation starters as the weather or the politics. Well, once Teams came along – another supposedly revolutionary solution – we did not think much of it, as it was just another online platform. One of many, it seemed. Until it recorded a 775% boost in use over the last few weeks… Przeczytaj resztę tego wpisu »

Best Investment Ideas for 2020!

Listopad 4th, 2019

We are just one month away from heading into 2020, so perhaps it is high time to devise a new financial strategy for the coming year. How about learning about new ways to invest? Read on!

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Fiat and Peugeot – When Giants Meet

Listopad 3rd, 2019

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A lot has happened, but we’re back! On to the latest intriguing development, then! Move over GM and Volkswagen, there’s a new automaker giant in town. Or there will be, once, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot’s Groupe PSA finalize the deal worth EUR 40 bln. What will that entail, then?

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Best Start-up Ideas in 2019 and Beyond

Czerwiec 6th, 2019

It’s almost middle of the year, so what have you done so far in 2019, read something good, picked up a new hobby? These are all well and good, but don’t you want something more in life? I know, how about starting a new business? Folk over at can help you out!

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