The Question in Question, or the Smartest Silliest Questions in Modern Job Interviews

Kwiecień 30th, 2015

As anyone who has been looking for work in the last decade can attest, the job interview is the most important part of recruitment process. CVs, cover letters, great portfolio and test scores are no longer as significant as they used to be. The form of the interview has also changed. Instead of the usual „where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, an interviewer may pose some really odd questions, like „why is the Earth round?” and gauge your response in terms of creativity, analytical thinking and cultural fit. But is it an actual question, or simply a new type of competence test, better fitting the era of Tweets and five-second Vine sales pitches? Read on if you want to prepare yourself for the inevitable „weird” question your next recruiter will throw your way.

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Tiger-Bone Economies Raising the Bar

Marzec 31st, 2015

Recently, two Japanese businessmen made the headlines after they tried to smuggle no less than 144 live animals from Thailand to Japan, claiming they wanted them for raising at home and as gifts to their friends. There were a total of over a hundred turtles, many snakes, geckos and other wildlife, all either endangered species or simply rare animals. Thailand is one of the global hubs for illicit transport of wildlife, but this Noah’s-arc-sized haul highlights the fact that this industry is booming, even while the animals that are being smuggled or killed for parts are on the verge of extinction.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Padding a CV

Luty 28th, 2015

Recently, Brian Williams, NBC News’ anchor, has been forced to admit to a lie he’d been telling since 2003. The tall story was that during the Iraqi War he had a harrowing near-death experience aboard a military helicopter that was supposedly hit by an RPG. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite the brave journalist ducking missiles he made himself out to be, but merely a spectator sat safely in a helicopter flying behind the one that had been attacked. Publicly shamed, Williams has been suspended without pay and his journalistic integrity has been called into question. And hot on the heels of that story, another broke out about yet another famous TV personality, FOX’s Bill O’Reilly. It’s quite similar in some aspects, though it had an unanticipated side effect of actually helping O’Reilly get more screen time. Notwithstanding, the two stories echo that of many of the bigwigs in the media and the corporate world, as it seems that it’s nigh on impossible to simply climb the career ladder without some embellishment of one’s past. So is lying about one’s achievements such a bad thing? Or are there, perhaps, some innocuous white lies and much less acceptable, boldfaced untruths? Read on to find out all about the dos and don’ts of résumé padding

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Eyeing the iWatch, or What to Watch out for in a Smartwatch

Styczeń 30th, 2015

Ever heard of a smartwatch? Probably, but do you know what it actually does? Perhaps you’re still uncertain if a smartwatch is something you’d want or need. Perhaps you’ll just give in and buy the inevitable iWatch, since everyone will definitely have one… Or will they? Read on to see what the latest gadget craze is all about, and which smartwatch may be just right for you…

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Smoking the Cigar of Peace: The Far-Reaching Consequences of the Cuban-American Thaw

Grudzień 28th, 2014

It’s hard to imagine a place more hauntingly beautiful than Cuba, a Caribbean jewel that seems to be permanently stuck in the last century and whose slow decay only adds flavour to its rich cultural aroma. A week ago, just as many countries were experiencing a sudden drop in temperatures, that flavourful, warm tropical breeze seemed to have found its way into the Oval office, signalling the long-awaited thaw in the hitherto frigid relations between the US and Cuba. But who will benefit and who may lose out on the possible lifting of the half-a-century-old embargo that had halted trade and travel between this tiny communist state and its massive capitalist neighbour?

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