On This Day in Business History…

Listopad 23rd, 2020

Today in business history! Yes, apparently we need to stoop so low as to present you with assorted trivia. However, these ones are genuinely interesting, we promise! Read on…


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Some Weird Facts About Money

Listopad 16th, 2020

We use it every day! Some of us have it, others don’t, but we are all very keenly aware of how hard it is to earn it. Money! It makes the world go around, and it can make your head spin. Sometimes for quite unexpected reasons, though! Check out these odd factoids about your hard-earned dosh.

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Making Big Money in Space?

Listopad 3rd, 2020

Out of most childhood dreams, nearly every noble profession out there is a huge disappointment in monetary terms. Firemen earn a little to risk their lives every day. If a doctor is truly passionate about helping others, he or she doesn’t earn big bucks. If cowboys were still around, it’s unlikely that they would break bank at the office. But hang on; what about that most cherished, most dreamed of profession; that of an astronaut? Surely a person who dares to go into the outer space deserves to be richly rewarded?

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Weird 2020 Stats :P

Październik 26th, 2020

 It’s a tad too predictable to do just the same-old thing every Monday, don’t you think? So here’s something a little different; how about this time, we check a handful of weird stats and facts?
For instance, did you know that…

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Monday Business Term: CYA email

Październik 19th, 2020

You’d think this topic is a typo and this week’s business term has something to do with CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), but alas! It is not a typo. But hang on: we’ll send you an email confirming that information, just to confirm our mutual understanding…

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