Positive thinking and „The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

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The latest issue of  “Business English Magazine” casts a positive light on the global business world in 2011. After a tedious period of months followed by continuous cutbacks and budget restraints, entrepreneurs and companies are beginning to finally catch their breath. As the international economy begins to recover, it brings up the question of emotional attitude towards business and life in general.

An Australian writer, Rhonda Byrne, described some of the psychological processes that influence our everyday lives. In her book “The Secret” Rhonda writes about the law of attraction, which can be simply defined as: “whatever you think, you shall receive”.  A big part of the author’s research is our subconscious and how it influences events in our lives.

Nowadays it is hard to stay afloat and upbeat amidst all the negative press the news brings to us daily. However, it is up to us how we respond to the reality that surrounds us. Positive thinking is not only trying to convince yourself that its all great out there, but largely about self-confidence, having goals and dreams and most importantly – acting on them.

So next Monday instead of dreading negative situations that might come up this week, think of how can you leave a positive mark at your company.

Vocab dictionary:

  1. Cast positive light – prognozować pozytywne spojrzenie/perspektywę
  2. Continuous – ciągły;
  3. Cutback –  ograniczenie;cięcie budżetowe
  4. Restraint – powściągliwość;umiar
  5. Entrepreneur – przedsiębiorca
  6. Attitude – nastawienie;podejście
  7. Influence – wpływ;oddziaływanie
  8. Attract – przyciągać
  9. Inspiring – inspirujący;motywujący
  10. Shall – powinienieś/aś
  11. Subconscious – podświadomość
  12. Afloat – utrzymywać się na powierzchni
  13. Upbeat – entuzjastyczny
  14. Amidst – wśród;między
  15. Up to – zależeć od
  16. Convince – przekonać
  17. Largely – głównie
  18. Act on – podjąć działanie
  19. Leave a mark – zostawić ślad

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