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Welcome to our first BEM blog post! For the readers of “Business English Magazine“ this will be an additional space to learn about the latest business news, ideas and interesting facts. If you are new to BEM, feel free to join the conversation.

Our first subject is about „personal development/growth“ and starts with the famous quote „A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step“ by a Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu. BEM works hard on delivering quality business English materials to you, that are up to date, relevant to modern business world and applicable in everyday life. All of this helps to develop your English skills, as well as grow as a person, inspired by the ideas we share. That’s what this blog aims to become in the online space.

Self develpoment

Self develpoment

In order to be successful we have to work together towards a shared goal: improving our English language abilities & widening our business knowledge horizons.

There are dozens if not hundredths of motivational/personal growth speakers, or what they are sometimes called “gurus” out there. Among them the most well-known is Tony Robbins. He is one of the most successful and inspiring business coaches, having worked with many celebrities including former US president Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Tiger Woods.
You can learn about his background here:


Tony over the last 3 decades of coaching has developed many inspiring and effective audio-programs and has written several motivational/coaching books. One of them is “Personal Power”. The basic concept of the book is that you are in charge of your attitude towards life/work/play situations and the results you achieve are entirely up to you. Tony uses the term “state” (of emotion) that we are constantly in. It might be happy/sad/motivated/unmotivated etc.
He says: “The emotional state that you’re in determines your behaviour and performance. You are always responsible for your own states.”

Learn more by visiting:

How this relates to BEM and this blog?
To get value out of this blog you need to focus and be motivated to read it, come back to it and there will be lots of distractions around you along the way.
Throughout future blog posts we would like you to stay with us and follow our “1000miles journey” into the latest business news/ideas. That is the recipe for business English skills development, as well as extending your current business horizons.

We hope that this journey will be interesting and valuable to you,
Please let us know if you have any ideas/suggestions/opinions for future posts.


1. to start off with – rozpocząć od
2. up to date – aktualne/zaktualizowane
3. relevant – trafny;stosowny;związany z tematem
4. applicable – odpowiedni;dający się zastosować
5. to aim to become – stawia sobie za cel
6. a shared goal – wspólny cel
7. former – były; poprzedni
8. to develop – stworzyć;rozwinąć
9. inspiring – inspirujący;motywujący
10. several – kilka
11. to be in charge of – zarządzać; kontrolować
12. attitude towards – podejście/ustosunkowanie do czegoś
13. it is up to you – zależy do Ciebie
14. to determine – ustalać;definiować;
15. performance – wyniki/rezultaty (np. w pracy)
16. recipe – przepis

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